Monday, July 03, 2006

The Mission of the Church on the Fourth of July

The church's mission is not to make bad people good. Our mission is not moral reformation. It is spiritual transformation. And spiritual transformation, which is our mission, will filter our into moral reformation.
The church in America today has come to believe that a strong America is necessary for a strong church. Yet our relationship to society is not to reform it, but to redeem it. That's Stephen Davey's diagnosis of a very real problem. His explanation of the biblical response to this problem can be found in a series of sermons that began today at Here's a direct link to the first sermon in this series, "Missing the Mark."

In coming days I'll post a brief review on Davey's forthcoming book I Pledge Allegiance, which is adapted from the sermons in this series. Interestingly enough, Davey includes the same quote from C.S. Lewis that appears on the banner of this blog.

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Coach C said...

In some circles, thankfulness for the country where we live has merged Christianity and patriotism. A deep sense of gratitude is an appropriate response for the church to have toward these types of holidays. Anything more detracts from the proclamation of God's Word and worship.