Friday, July 28, 2006

Hanging Out with Sinners

I realize the idea of going into a bar to meet sinners will be unthinkable to many Christians. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. But the root question this interview addresses, "What are you doing to get to know unbelievers?", may have other answers that are more feasible to our immediate mindset.

What are we doing to get to know unbelievers for the purpose of evangelism? Are we content to hang out with Christians? Sports leagues aren't just for recreation. Dramatic productions, civic groups, and community meetings can be about more than culture and public policy. Coffee shops and diners are good for more than caffeine and cholesterol (as much as I like bacon).

Peruse all the speaker interviews for the 2006 DGM Conference here.

Note: Some of the subject matter of the interview may be inappropriate for some potential listeners. Nothing explicit, but rather frank on sensitive subjects.


Coach C said...

I wasn't able to listen to the audio, but this is a critical question that must be answered. Of course, I believe that athletics are a great tool for believers to use in evangelism and discipleship. Public schools are in many ways, closed to youth pastors who want to hold Bible studies. My local high school will not even allow me to show up at lunch time and eat with the kids. However, they will hire a believer to coach sports if he is competent.

lil texan said...

Hey Ben! Just ran across your blog from the mbbc blog thing. You may or may not remember me...i helped put flamingos in your yard...hahaha...oh wait, was I supposed to say that?

Ben said...

Riiiight. I had NO idea who was involved in that. krazeekj was pretty easy to figure out, anyway.

Great to hear you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

Why do you even have this interview on your site? In all due respect, who cares? The elect are going to be saved whether we go to a bar or not. I play in sports leagues because I like sports, not to "make decisions" for the pagans. The elect are going to be saved whether I feel a duty to "witness" or not.......You seem too concerned about it and I suspect you are turning into an Armenian??.........Let's get back to fun stuff like pink flamingos and sports. I appreciate your wanting to be a good "testimony", but don't sweat it. The pagans aren't going to listen to you no matter what you do if they're not elected. We need to quit playing God and just have fun.