Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The 24 Roundtable

Obviously, I would personally never watch TV. But no doubt some readers are not as removed from this world, so for your consumption I thought I might provide a link to the video of the roundtable discussion on "24 and the Perception of Counterterrorism" hosted recently by the Heritage Foundation and moderated by Rush Limbaugh.

I watched it, and it seemed pretty interesting, but I just couldn't figure out who this Jack Bauer fellow is. He seems ruthless but rather effective.


Coach C said...

I didn't watch the video - I might at home. Just let me say that 24 is really the only show that Sarah and I go out of our way for and both agree on. 24 and the WC are the two reasons that we now have a DVD recorder in our house. There are definitely some far-fetched action sequences, but the plot line is the best on TV, IMHO.

Nathan said...

Jack Bauer is every terrorist's worst nightmare. He is Batman, John McClane, MacGuyver, and the Punisher all in one. He's the only man who can kill terrorists with a cell phone, and wring a confession from the Secretary of State by threat of torture. To quote his own immortal words, "The only reason you're still conscious is because [Jack doesn't] want to carry you."

Educate yourself, man! Go rent Season One. Borrow a TV and DVD player if you have to. I think I can speak for both myself and Carla when I say that I'm appalled you don't know who Jack Bauer is. Simply appalled.

And aghast. Definitely aghast.

Nathan said...

Sorry, you wouldn't know who Carla is. But rest assured we're both aghast.

Anonymous said...

Jack Bauer has made such a profound influence on my life, that I went out and bought a 9mm, just like what he uses.

He is what government worker without the red tape would be like.

Carla said...

Nate! I'm aghast, Chloe is aghast. We're all aghast.

It's just a really great show. Justice is served piping hot & all the bad guys go down.

What's not to like?


Anonymous said...

Don't watch Television huh? So I take it that's a braile reader connected to your computer.

As for twenty-four I'm sorry it was boring after the second season.

Oh and if I was going to buy a gun I'd buy twin 45s like my hero the Shadow (the magazines not that horrid film).

nuff said true believers.

Ben said...

Well, I am willing to admit this: All my insurance needs are now covered by Allstate. For one reason and one reason only.

Nathan said...

I feel like a blithering idiot. Of course Allstate handles all your insurance needs.

Subtle. Very subtle indeed.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I agree that twin .45s are superior to a 9mm. That isn't the only issue though.

The .45 has the extra kick that prevents it from being as fast as the 9mm. I personally prefer the Hechler and Kock .45 assualt model (that is the longer barrell for the rest of you).

I went with the 9mm for speed reasons. Oh, and I didn't have $1500 for the twin .45s.

I like my S&W and Walther 9mms just fine.

Coach C said...

The comments on this post are moving so quickly that it is starting to resemble a 24 episode. Ben, can you start and host a 24 discussion forum where we try to guess Jack's next move?