Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jim Tressel Is a Fundamentalist

Seldom have I been so bursting with Ohio pride over a blog post as I am right now. Check out Jim Tressel's message in a Cedarville University chapel service here.

Unfortunately, some technical glitch is preventing me from hearing the audio, but I have confirmation from an OBF fundamentalist that Tressel is indeed speaking on "The Fundamentals."

I kid you not.


Dave said...

This just confirms the wisdom of the GARBC decision.

PinkAngel said...

In Brayden's words..."GO BUCKS! Michigan stinks!"

Ben said...


Maybe somebody needs to do a geographic analysis of the vote. After all, it was held in Michigan. There's always way more to these scandals that it appears on the surface.


Looks like it's about time to start with his little sister. Ok, his not-so-little sister.

Matthew LaPine said...

I'm with Dave on this one. I think I'd be a third degree seperatist if one was associating with Buckeyes.