Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mind If I Vent?

In the three years since I enrolled at SEBTS, tuition has increased about 60%. SIXTY PERCENT! In-state tuition at public colleges and university increased 7% this year, 9% last year, and 13% two years ago.

Was this unavoidable? Maybe. Are there reasonable explanations? Probably. Is my comparison with public college tuition like apples to oranges? Certainly.

Does any of this make me happier? Not hardly.


Unk said...

Does it make you want to finish quicker?

Ben said...

Yes, but no more than gas prices, the 50-minute drive, and some aspects of the program already did.

Jason Fletcher said...

Tuition is higher, yes, but it is in line with SBTS and SWBTS. It's also still less expensive to attend a SBC seminary if you are a member of a SBC church than any other major seminary in the country.