Monday, October 24, 2005

Highlights from the SharperIron Interview of Mark Dever posted today an audio interview of Mark Dever. Below are what I believe to be just a few of the highlights, both the serious and the witty.

On the modern church, Mark Dever, and the gospel:
6:01—"I am concerned that the gospel would go forward better if most Southern Baptist churches in America were closed down. So I think most of the churches I am familiar with—many evangelical churches—are not good witnesses for the gospel.

6:58—The community of the church is to make visible the gospel that our sermons make audible.

7:05—Q: If I could to boil down Mark Dever to two or three hot-button passions, what are you passionate about?
Dever: God, the gospel, the church
On the pitfalls of incorporating visuals into preaching:
33:14—I think our eyes are hungrier than our stomachs. I think God made us that way. I think we're dissatisfied at not being able to see God. We want that immediacy and certainty that we get through visuals, and yet I think at the that is precisely what God has denied to us. And I think the great climax of the Bible in Revelation 22:4 is that we get to see God again . . . Therefore, I want to be very careful about doing faux things to satisfy it.
On the gospel and professing Christians:
35:52—I think one of the hardest groups of unreached people on the planet have to be nominal Christians—people who have the gospel right maybe propositionally . . . People may have those propositions correct but yet may themselves have so communicated them to others that others have given mental assent but without really fully engaging their heart in any way that represents their true person . . .
On discipleship and church programs:
41:50—Q: Do you have a one-on-one discipleship program?
Dever: Well, we have not a program but a culture.
On associations and the gospel:
58:51—Q: Do you feel more at home with the Alliance than with Southern Baptist Convention?
Dever: Well, more at home? I mean, some of these [Alliance] guys are in sin because they haven't even been baptized.
I've barely scratched the surface. These quotes are merely designed to whet your appetite. Interestingly, I'm told that nearly 20% of the September Weekender attendees were alumni of independent fundamentalist institutions.


Michael C. said...

But Ben, the important info: What percentage of the attendees were paleoevangelicals? I can only imagine.

My church here in Greenville is going on one of the Weekender's, so expect the fundamentalist institution numbers to go off the charts.

I went to CHBC with several other students the summer I interned in Washington. Unfortunately, Dever was hardly there, but we did get good stuff from Michael Lawrence. I was pleased that so many young people show up for his long and serious messages.

Thanks to the pictures on SI, I just put together that I met your friend KB there. Small world. (Perhaps I will post over there as well.)

Ben said...

Good question. Data was not reported on that item.

Can you say where you go to church?

Michael C. said...

Sure, I go to Emmanuel Bible Church, a church plant launched from Heritage Bible Church in September. I should qualify what I said above, though. A friend told me that people were going, but I haven't actually heard it officially. I think it is quite a ways off, and it could just be the elders going.

Dever is one of the people whose writing has played a part in shaping our young church.