Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers' Withdrawal: Krauthammer Got It Right

Maybe I need to let Charles Krauthammer handle future Paleoevangelical predictions. Here's what she said today, and below is the conclusion from Krauthammer's editorial from last Friday, "The Only Exit Strategy."
Hence the perfectly honorable way to solve the conundrum: Miers withdraws out of respect for both the Senate and the executive's prerogatives, the Senate expresses appreciation for this gracious acknowledgment of its needs and responsibilities, and the White House accepts her decision with the deepest regret and with gratitude for Miers's putting preservation of executive prerogative above personal ambition.


jon said...

Do you mean, "...what he (not "she") said today? Gotta love Charles.

Ben said...

I meant "she," as in Miers. I just carelessly put way too much space between the pronoun and the antecedent.

jon said...