Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fundamentalists Everywhere!

Not just Freddy Adu; Harriet Miers too!

At least I assume she is after reading her biography file in World Magazine:
Church membership: Valley View Christian Church, but the church is in the middle of a split that began when Pastor Ron Key did not go along with the decision of the board of elders that he reduce his leadership role and agree to emphasize a contemporary worship service so as to attract more members. Ms. Miers is apparently siding with the group that will stick with Mr. Key and form a new church that will give half its revenues to mission work; Valley View has cut back its missions support.
I mean, how can a person leave a church over contemporary worship and not be a fundamentalist?


Dave said...

I know this is a tongue in cheek post, but it really does highlight the fact that the music/worship debate isn't just a fundamentalist thing. For instance, when John Frame writes a book defending CCM, I don't think he is addressing objections from fundies (at least know as I know them). Ken Myers book didn't have fundamentalism in its mind at all.

What does this matter? Probably not much, but perhaps it does suggest that the music/worship isn't inherently a dividing line between fundies and evangelicals. Just a thought.

Don said...

I believe Valley View Christian Church is part of the Church of Christ denomination. I read that in some article about Miers. So hardly fundamentalist, perhaps not even Christian.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Ben said...

As Dave noted, this post is thoroughly tongue in cheek. It matters not a whit to me in relationship to her SC nomination whether HM is an evangelical or not. In fact, a mysterious Paleoinformant known as "Lumpy" brought to my attention the fact that HM attends St. Johns Episcopal Church in Washington. SJEC is hardly evangelical and is avowedly gay-friendly.