Thursday, October 20, 2005

Freddy Adu Is a Young Fundamentalist

I know this for two reasons:

1. I've seen him play. He is the most fundamental soccer player I've ever seen for his age. He thinks all the fundamentals are important, not just the big five (passing, trapping, shooting, heading, and hmm, I forget the fifth).

2. He complains that the authority figures in his life don't respect his game.

If anyone is actually interested in Adu and his situation, Mike Wilbon of PTI and the Washington Post wrote a great piece for today's edition.


Anonymous said...

Paleo, please stop peddling the heresy that soccer is anything more than a reason for Euros to riot.

Top three ways for soccer player to get hurt:

1. Automatic gun
2. Flare gun
3. Liquered up crowd

Michael C. said...

A YF indeed. Nice snag. :-)