Friday, October 21, 2005

Intriguing Mohler

Listening to the Albert Mohler Radio Program while I'm jogging sort of takes the edge off the pain. If I skip through the first news segment, it's the perfect length for my shorter route. Last night I listened to his program from October 13th, "Who Was the Greatest Leader of the Past Century?" He opened by talking about a few people he considers among the greatest leaders of the 20th century (Reagan, Churchill, Thatcher), then opened the lines for his listeners to opine.

It was immediately apparent that Mohler's audience is fairly broad. Well, maybe it's just a bunch of avangelicals (spelling intentional). Listeners' suggestions were:

1. Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
2. Mother Theresa
3. Billy Graham
4. Martin Luther King, Jr.
5. Reagan
6. Eisenhower
7. Gandhi

I wasn't particularly surprised by what he said. I was quite surprised by what he hinted at and what he didn't say. You'll have to listen to form your own impressions.

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