Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You Might Be a Paleoevangelical If . . . (#5)

. . . you are compelled to squash the part of you that wants to fall on the floor laughing at the thought of an MTV Video Awards Bible study.

Sometimes you get less than what you pay for—even when it's free.


Unk said...

Why would you feel compelled to squash that part of you?

Sojourner said...

How about if I just want to throw up? Am I still a Paleoevangelical?

Dude Ohio said...

I dont know what I am and I want to throw things...dude, Ohio, how can you want to squash that part of you?

Ben said...

I think it's because I feel guilty that my flesh somehow still finds humor in the sacrilege inherent to the suggestion that the MTV VMAs can offer any insight whatsoever into the Word of God.


Vomiting is almost always a Paleoevangelical-approved action.

Chris said...

I thought this was a joke at first. I can't believe this junk.

But I think the best "teaching exercise" was:

"Just for grins…pick up a Bible and randomly select a Proverb and see if your group can say it in “izzle” speak."

How 'bout just turn off MTV, pick up your Bible and actually read it once and while!