Monday, August 01, 2005

What I'm Reading Tonight

I hate to blog about something before I read it, but I'll be working too late in shipping tonight (it's a good problem for this time of year) to read and write, and I'm sure this exchange will be at the very least an interesting read:

1: An article by Steve Lemke of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary on "The Future of Southern Baptists as Evangelicals"

2: Commentary on Lemke's article from SBC President Bobby Welch in "Calvinism and Christ's Great Commission"

3, 4, and 5: A series of responses from Tom Ascol, Executive Director of Founders Ministries, the SBC fellowship that calls for a return to the SBC's Calvinistic roots

Then I'll sift back through another book I'm reading to find the quote I want to use for "Round 4" and then maybe dive into the next chapter.

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