Monday, August 22, 2005

Read This Instead of PDL

Like Tim Challies, I'm looking forward to reading The Deliberate Church by Mark Dever and Paul Alexander. Unlike Tim, I didn't get a preview copy, and I probably won't be able to dive in until after this semester of seminary, which for me starts tomorrow. His preview will have to suffice for me for now.

If there is anything said on this blog about the church that resonates to you as true, I highly suspect that you will appreciate this book. If you don't find anything here that seems true, read the book anyway; you might change your mind. Dever's writings and ministry have had a substantial impact on my view of the church. He doesn't deserve all the blame for my oddities, but my contact with his books, Leadership Interviews, and church have confirmed that my understanding of biblical teaching on the church is not wholly eccentric.

Perhaps I should mention, in order to convince any pragmatists out there, that some of those ideas even work.


Tony K. said...

Seminary? That reminds me I have another 200 pages to read tonight.

Ben said...