Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm Fightin' Mad as a Brave Warrior Irishman

No, I'm not a Notre Dame fan. But I am a redheaded, fair-skinned, blue-eyed guy with more than a few drops of Irish blood in me.

And I'm offended.

Perhaps you've read about this new NCAA ruling that prohibits the use of American Indian nicknames and mascots in NCAA postseason games so as to avoid negative stereotypes. Never mind the fact that the Seminole tribe in the state of Florida supports the Florida State nickname. And never mind the negative stereotypes propagated by the "Fightin' Irish" nickname and mascot. Why isn't the NCAA looking out for my demographic? It's all this readhead can do to control his temper.

But it did give me the chance to blog about Notre Dame. Hopefully the Paleoevangelical jinx that has fallen on Barry Bonds and Phil Mickelson due to my previous posts about them will land with equal weight on South Bend. If ND loses its first three I'm dedicating a whole week to the University of Michigan.

By the way, would this be a bad time to suggest it's high time for Baptist high schools and colleges to drop the "Crusader" nickname? I can't think of much that is more ridiculous than wanting to identify ourselves with Roman Catholics who want to kill Moslems.


Paul said...

I hear you on this NCAA ruling-definite inconsistencies. And why only in the post-season?

In am not a ND fan either, but I am drawing closer to my yearly RUDY viewing (can't wait) and I am very interested to see how things go with coach Weiss. But I am glad they are now under the paleo jinx.

This absolutely is the time to bring up the ridiculous "Crusader" mascot. In fact, I would support anyone willing to go on a crusade to get it changed at my alma mater. While I was a 'sader I gave it no thought, but once I did, particularily in Church History class, I grew quite upset.

I am willing to hear if there are any, but I see no good reasons why MBBC should continue to identify with such a horrid mascot.

exivilius said...

Perhaps such schools might prefer these less offensive nicknames to "Crusaders."

The XYZ Christian School Jihad, Saladins, or Taliban.

How about the Knights Templar? The Fightin' Tetzels? (On second thought, Drummin' Tetzels might be more appropriate.)

The J. Frank Norris Gunslingers? The Segregationists? The Preachers and Secretaries (to accommodade Title IX)?

Or my personal favorite: The XYZ Christian School Inquisition.

I certainly mean no disrespect to our Catholic, Muslim, or Fundamentalist friends. Each of these sects has many incidents in their past that were unwise and ungodly. None are above satire.

These suggestions are intended to be an illustration of how offensive the nickname "Crusader" might be to people who were the objects of these wicked excursions.

Anonymous said...

The National Communist Athletic Association is a joke to begin with. Or is it the National Castro Athletic Association? Their pathetic inconsistencies are everywhere.

Don't even get me started on their use of athletes to gain them riches while the athletes get nothing back. No, free classes hardly count.

This ruling makes no sense based on facts. Ben jammin' has already pointed out that the Seminole tribe is fine with the name usage by Florida State.

The president of FSU, Wetherell, has already hinted at legal action. Get ready you stinkin' commies, the free people will win again.

lilrabbi said...

For what its worth -

The college in my hometown is "The Central Dutch". The town is easily 80% Dutch (including me). The college is easily 65% dutch. The school needed a new mascot because the old red dinosaur (I don't even know why it was a dinosaur to begin with) was gross and stinky. So the cheerleading squad designed a "dutchboy" - similar to the little guy on "dutchboy" paint.

Well, the director of intercultural life, aka, resident highly-paid demogogue - put a stop to it. He rallied his 25 followers, 23 of which were liberal professors (on a campus of 5,000). They protested that it wasn't inclusive enough.

This is the opposite of what the NCAA has ruled. The NCAA has allowed some schools to retain their name because they have a large section of Native American students.

But, there is no consistency in this line of though (read: emotion). Where there is a buck to be made, someone will cry foul.

Michael C said...

Truth & Justice, I understand your disgust with the NCAA and I would readily admit I don't know much about college sports.

But I'm curious about one thing you said: "Don't even get me started on their use of athletes to gain them riches while the athletes get nothing back."

Why would students seek to play college ball if they were getting no benefit? Are there other benefits such as advanced coaching, access to professional scouts, etc. that make it worthwhile? I'm just thinking out loud.

It's unfortunate the college sporting franchises couldn't alleviate more of the need for our tax money! :-)

Anonymous said...

Michael, just a couple of quick hits here:

1. For many colleges, the men's football team foots the bill for almost all other sports. Surprisingly, the women's softball team doesn't pull its own weight. These guys work tremendous hours of hard labor. Their return is sometimes an education (but even then they miss so many classes for the sports).

2. The number of collegiate athletes that actually make any money is so slim, that it isn't really a valid argument.

Chris said...

To be consistent, shouldn't the NCAA move its headquarters out of INDIANapolis, INDIANa right away?

Yes, I went to FSU.