Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Quotes Round 7

It will take a herculean effort to get this one. I'll settle for the historical context.
How dare you support men and institutions who deny your Lord? How dare you keep fellowship with the enemies of the cross of Christ?

Oh, listen to his call! Who is on the Lord's side? If He tarry a little while longer you will find that you must either follow this solemn call of God or go along with the apostasy.

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GeneMBridges said...

A.C Gaebelein @ the Prophetic Bible Conference of 1914, saying God's greatest call is to separation.

From: Gaebelein A.C - The Present Day Apostacy - in The Coming and Kingdom of Christ: A Stenographic Report of the Phrophetic Bible Conference Held at the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago 1914 - Available via the Moody Bible Institute Website.