Sunday, August 28, 2005

Reflections on a Hurricane

I heard a news commentator say this week that you know it's going to be a bad day when you can stand on your front porch and watch Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel broadcasting a block away.

It is stunning to me to think that as catastrophic as Katrina appears it will be, the loss in human life will not begin to compare to the tsunami that struck Asia last December, and that tsunami will not begin to compare with the contents of the Book of Revelation. Still, I will be in prayer during the coming hours and weeks for the inhabitants of New Orleans and surrounding areas. I'll be praying specifically for these things:

1. That people in caught in this storm might recognize the awesome might and terrible power of our great God.
2. That He might demonstrate His grace by enabling believers in New Orleans to pour out the love of Christ on their neighbors.
3. That God might move in the hearts of believers nationwide to support New Orleans believers in their evangelistic and relief efforts.
4. That no preachers with a microphone might proclaim to know with certainty that the purpose of this hurricane is to pour a bowl of judgment on the filth of the French Quarter (Colossians 2:18b).
5. That God might demonstrate His grace by drawing people to Himself through this devastation.

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G-Knee said...

Amen and amen. Words cannot begin to I listened today to TV and radio I was saddened by the description of "Mother Nature's" power. I hope God will be glorified as Christians there share with others the fact that they can have HOPE in the future of heaven, rather than the devastation of the present!! Great post!