Friday, May 05, 2006

T4G: The Post-Conference Commentary

It didn't take Mohler long to kick off the post-conference discussions. In the very afternoon after the conference ended, he explained the meaning of the article in the statement about loyalty to the gospel over ecclesiastical associations. This is part of his response to the final caller to his radio program last Friday:
You can't let your ministry be undermined in a denomination or in a situation or in a congregation where you would have to compromise the gospel. You know, in the statement we just were talking about in the Together for the Gospel Conference here this week, we said that loyalty to the gospel must take precedence over loyalty to any denomination or fellowship of churches or organization. You know, we were just singing with the pastors today, "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God." You remember that line, "Let goods and kindred go." You know, we work for recovery, pray for recovery, Steven, but we've always got to be willing to let it go if that's what faithfulness to the gospel would demand.
Dever writes about our responsibilities looking forward:
Pray that we would have wisdom about many discussions that are being encouraged, cooperations that are being proposed. I don't desire to see a new organization. I do desire to see the Lord's work cross-fertilized--let's drink together from the riches of Calvary. Let's observe each other doing that as well, and so undermine our prejudices. Let's learn from each other and pray for each other. And let's see if God will not once again own the ordinary means--the preaching of His gospel, the life of our churches, prayer--in extraordinary measure. Will God give us revival? Will He give us great ingatherings? We cannot say. But, we can pray and labor and preach. And we can know that it may be so.
Duncan writes about the objectives for the future (be sure to read the whole post):
May the Lord raise up such a ministerial fraternity – not on the basis of doctrinal minimalism but rather on the basis of shared conviction of the truth and Gospel forbearance in the areas where we differ; not to the detriment of our convictions regarding our distinctives in faith and practice in the local churches and families of churches we serve, but to their enhancement.

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