Monday, May 15, 2006

Defending Marriage: A Top Priority (In Even-Numbered Years)

I'm detecting a pattern. It's almost funny.

Anybody else notice how Republicans in Congress seem to start talking about the Federal Marriage Amendment every other year? In other words, every election year.

Just for fun, I Googled, "federal marriage amendment" + [date] for the last four years. Here are the results:

2003 (non-election year): 181,000
2004 (election year): 307,000
2005 (non-election year): 212,000
2006 (partial election year): 268,000

Before people start squawking, I realize my experiment isn't scientific, and there could be other reasons for the pattern. Believe that if you want.

But here's what's about to happen. Republicans will put on the appearances of a valiant effort in an attempt to stir up turnout of the evangelical base this fall. That effort will fall far short of the super-majorities necessary to propose a Constitutional amendment, but the fight will energize "the base," at least a little.

With any success, Republican majorities will be preserved, and you won't be disturbed by any discussion of the FMA in Congress again. Until 2008, that is.


Nikolai said...

So are you becoming disillusioned with the Republican party? Please tell me your not considering switching over...

Robert said...

I have a fantasy that goes like this:

Just suppose, just suppose - that 20 to 30 million Christians voted for, say, the Constitution Party this year and also in 2008? Yeah, I know, it'll never happen. But it's fun to think of the major panic in BOTH of the Twidledee-Twiddledum parties.

The above scenario is about as likely as one where all the evangelical Christians we are supposed to have in this country suddenly both PREACHING and LIVING the gospel daily, in their church, their family, and their vocation. This would have a bigger effect that ANY election possibly could. I can still dream (and pray), however.

Ben said...


Never fear. Although elements of both major parties disgust me, only one of them literally embodies pretty much all that I despise.