Monday, May 15, 2006

Mary Cheney on John Edwards

On a note related to the last post, I watched Chris Wallace's interview of Mary Cheney on Fox News Sunday. The transcript includes discussion both of the FMA and also Ms. Cheney's reaction to John Kerry and John Edwards' allusions in the 2004 debates to Cheney's her homosexual relationship. This portion was rather amusing:
WALLACE: You were sitting in the audience that night in Edwards' line of sight. What did you think and what did you do?

CHENEY: I was in the very front row, and I was very angry, as was the rest of my family, because it was such a cheap and blatant political ploy on behalf of Senator Edwards.

You know, my initial reaction was one I'm not necessarily sure is appropriate to share on television, but...

WALLACE: You mouthed an expletive, correct?

CHENEY: That would be a good way to put it, yes.

WALLACE: And your mom and your sister?

CHENEY: My mom and my sister took a slightly higher road. They stuck their tongues out at him.

WALLACE: And did the senator see the Cheney women?

CHENEY: I honestly don't know. We were in the front row just a few feet from him. I don't see how he could have missed us. But I honestly don't know.

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Josh said...

Stuck their tongues out! That is priceless. We need more people from Wyoming and Texas in our government.