Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Denominational Politics Makes Me Confused

Follow this link to hear Paige Patterson call the fire engine baptistery at Ronnie Floyd's church "blasphemous."

Follow this link to read Paige Patterson's endorsement of Ronnie Floyd for the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Or just read Tom Ascol's excellent analysis at Founders blog here and here and here and here.


Anonymous said...

Wait, wait I know just the song for this. You spin me right round! See it covers it all.

Rod said...

If you get unconfused, let me know because I'm confused too.

Kevin Stilley said...

I think Tom did not take time to question his assumptions and do proper analysis. I hope you will check out my thoughts regarding Chapman's comments that are found on my blog.

Ben said...


Since you seem to be on staff at Southwestern, perhaps you can explain Patterson's strangely divergent views on Floyd? Could it be that he didn't know the fire engine baptistery was in the church of a prominent SBC leader when he called it "blasphemous"? Do you think he would have called it blasphemous if he had known?

Kevin Stilley said...


I'm afraid that I cannot do as you request and speak for Dr. Patterson. I do not have enough contact with him to know the reasoning behind his comments. My comment specifically addressed Tom's acceptance of an argument that was full of fallacious thinking. That isn't to say Tom is a bad thinker, we all know that isn't true. His contributions are well documented. However, we all make mistakes in the making of truth statements (as did Chapman) and in the acceptance of them (as did Tom). I simply pointed out that Chapman's statement boils down to mere the mere assertion that "I don't like what they have done."