Monday, May 08, 2006

The Quote Game Returns

Have fun with this one. I've got a free copy of Future Grace for anyone who can get this without hints.
There is a social responsibility that Christianity has—that Christians should seek justice in a society through the means that society provides, that Christianity should seek right and honest things, and that Christianity should speak the truth of God against an unjust, unrighteous society.


Evers said...

Johnny Mac. =-)

Evers said...

.. but in proper context it's a lot more useful:

But the heartbeat of Christianity with all of its deep social ramifications is still this, it is a spiritual regeneration and spiritually transformed people will change a society not like dynamite but like leaven, not by blowing the lid off the society but by spreading the power of Christianity through the transformed lives of the people within that society.

Anonymous said...


this was the core attribute of our Savior... transforming lives through social change and waging our battles against injustice and reaching out to those hurting.

May we be so brave to not wield theological clubs and dynamite on other followers of Christ but rather expend our energy showing the grace and love of our Example to those who need to see it most.

Ben said...


Nice call. I thought that would be tougher. How did you know? Did you just hear it on the GTY broadcast a few weeks ago?

You're right about the context, of course, but that wouldn't have been nearly so much fun.

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Josh said...


I think what you're saying is quite the opposite of what MacArthur is says in the quotation above, when we consider the context offered in the second comment by "evers".

You: "this was the core attribute of our Savior..transforming lives THROUGH social change..." (emphasis mine)

MacArthur: "...the heartbeat of still this...a SPIRITUAL REGNERATION and SPIRIUTALLY TRANSFORMED PEOPLE will change a society..." (emphasis mine)

You say spiritual regeneration is a by-product of social change, Johnny Mac, in context, says social change is a by-product of regeneration.