Thursday, March 23, 2006

Visible Evidence of How Much More Spiritual I Became Yesterday

Ever hear a preacher say, "I can tell how spiritual a guy is by the length of his hair!"? I have. Not very often, of course.

So anyway, for the past year or so I've been letting my hair grow out. Not long-long, but long-ish.

Well, yesterday I discovered a shortcut to sanctification—an amazing way to become waaaayyy more spiritual in about 15 minutes. Here's a picture of the evidence of my progress. I offer it for your edification.


Paul said...

I was certainly edified upon seeing your red locks, thanks. You now need to add a photo your holy head.

Nikolai Francis said...

"I can tell how spiritual a guy is by the length of his hair." That may be the dumbest line I have ever heard. Am I just sheltered or is this really something you heard on occasion?

Ben said...

Yep, along with, "Am I saying that because my wife and daughters don't wear slacks that you ladies shouldn't, too? Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying."

Like I said, only a couple of times in my life. It just came to mind this week after the haircut.

Dave said...

You should play your quote game with those lines--bonus points for where it was said.

Ben said...


Sounds as though you're itchin' to take a guess. The problem for me is that I don't remember the hair quote locations, and I'm a bit fuzzy on the speakers. I think I know the occupation and the last name, but there are enough possible candidates to fill a minivan.

On the slacks quote, you sound as though you may want to take a guess. The problem is that too many Paleo readers were present, so it would hardly be a contest. I'll gladly post it and give you first crack (since you weren't present), provided that you'll follow through. I'll even send you a TNIV if you get it right.