Monday, March 20, 2006

The Americanization of Soccer

I would believe there is something to this if it weren't published by the New York Times (by the way, you have to earn the italics, NYT).
National team coaches face constant second-guessing in soccer-consumed nations. But [German national team coach J├╝rgen] Klinsmann's management style has been especially provocative: spending half of each month in California, communicating with his players via e-mail and telephone, following their club matches on satellite television.

He would do the same thing if he lived in Berlin or Rome, Klinsmann said. But to some soccer officials, "e-mail and PowerPoint is an American way of doing things," said Bierhoff, who is Klinsmann's second in charge.

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Josh said...

Interesting article, I wonder how many of your readers will read to the end like I did. . . To some extent I feel duty bound to leave a comment every time you post about soccer. . .