Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MacArthur on Redeeming Culture (5 Minutes Ago)

I wasn't intending to live-blog, but this (from John MacArthur's opening session on a biblical definition of a church from Matthew 16) was too good to resist, in light of recent conversations here and elsewhere.
The church has no role in rearranging sinners into more acceptable lifestyles . . . We are not called to create a Christian culture. We are called to penetrate it with a saving gospel.
Here are a couple of free bonuses, just for fun:
The biggest mission field in America is professing Christianity.


My idea for planting a church is to do a survey of an area, find out what people want, and then tell them the opposite.


Ryan Martin said...

Those are great.

Scott Aniol said...

Thanks! Good quotes.

Ben said...

Believe me, there's more where that came from, and more on the way. It appears that Phil Johnson is about to smackdown on Mark Noll's Is the Reformation Over?

Ryan Martin said...

I don't think it is.