Friday, December 02, 2005

Mohler on Canned Music in the Church

He thinks it's a bad thing.


T.J. Pennock said...

We can sympathize with Mohler . . . to a degree.

Obviously he's never planted a church in a less than cultured community.

Bring on the canned music. If my choices are either no music or someone who rapes the piano instead of plays it, then I choose neither.

Give me that debilitating canned garbage any day, and we'll make it ring to the glory of God.

William Lee said...

With all due respect to Mohler, I agree with pennock that Mohler has apparently not had to deal with the limitations of small-church ministry.

In addition, he makes some sweeping generalizations that just do not apply across the board.

I do not particularly like the "hymn machines" myself, but I do not think they are the wedge that will force congregational singing and music programs out of the church. Honestly, what church with capable musicians is using hymn machines?

That being said, I appreciate the desire to have congregations singing. As a pastor for worship ministries I try to balance the two options in an appropriate way. Our small church uses pianos and keyboard and guitar for congregational singing, but I just cannot spare a pianist for choir music. Not to mention that I really enjoy hearing ensembles and soloists sing to a full orchestra. Of course, at our church that means "canned" music.

Why can't we do both?

I think Mohler is on to something, but I also think he has misdiagnosed the problem. That, however, is subject matter for a post of its own.