Thursday, December 01, 2005

I Just Don't Get It

Is it really possible that the same person wrote both this and this?


Highland Host said...

I suspect Dr. Masters may have read the second post linked to here. (see: )

Wendy said...

Sure it's possible. Read the tagline for the site--"encouraging biblical thinking, living, worship, ministry, and constructive cultural engagement." Constructive cultural engagement does not mean a blanket condemnation of all rock artists as the spawn of Satan. Rock, like other musical genres, has worthy pieces of work and unworthy pieces of work. For a believer, the criteria for determining worth is rooted in the Word and is a worthy subject for discussion among thinking believers.

Ben said...


Nice catch. To be fair, Masters might indict me as well with my occasional sports and humor posts. I don't see my blog as a pulpit, though. I just try to direct people towards ideas that have helped me or towards bad ideas that sicken me—and maybe have an enjoyable time along the way every now and then.


To whatever degree I have a point in this post, it is that I don't grasp how such a theologically discriminating mind can see something to be praised, not merely in the rock genre, but also in the personas Trueman exalts. I don't think I'm asking him to pronounce spawnhood on them; just don't give them the love on a theologically-influential blog. Maybe it's just the fundamentalist in me.

Keith said...

A few decades ago, fans used walls to do some pre-blog era theological writing about Clapton.

As a Christian, I can't agree with them that "Clapton is God". But when it comes to blues/rock guitar, he is the man.