Monday, December 12, 2005

It Seems Like a Day for Clear, Reasonable Thinking

I've never visited Clearwater Christian College, but every graduate I have ever met has been a credit to the institution. I don't know of any other Christian educational institution for which I can make that statement. I have recommended the school to the father of a student who was considering two other fundamental/evangelical institutions but had reservations about both—for very good reasons. What I know about Clearwater made it seem like a good option for them to consider. Anyway, articles like this one by the wife of Clearwater's president make me likely to continue recommending it. The conclusion:
The men who have been greatly used to draw my attention to the Savior don’t sit in the sandbox or stand on the soapbox. They are men who have clearly and solidly established their permanent dwelling place at the foot of His Throne. They have planted the flag of Truth in their hearts, and there is a commitment to that Truth that supersedes man, movement and ministry. Though they are men who are passionately dedicated to, and fully convinced of personal responsibility for pure and holy living, they do not place false weights of guilt upon others that extend beyond the Word of God. Securely positioned at the foot of His Throne, they maintain a joy in His grace and a confidence in His intercession for His Children. Their joy and confidence is what God has used most to effectively adorn my life with garlands of wisdom.

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