Tuesday, November 15, 2005

When Ex-Presidents Attack

I offer my apologies if Al Mohler's discussion of President Carter's screed on fundamentalism is old news to everyone. Today has been a busy day, and I've devoted my blog-thinking time today to a couple larger projects that aren't ready for publication yet. I offer one piece of semi-original thinking: Mohler said in a recent radio program that Carter has announced that he is no longer a Southern Baptist. In light of that revelation, I'll agree with Mark Dever that the SBC can add by subtraction (see the first quote in my recap).


franklin said...

Not sure you'll want this published, but the Prez did respond to the Dr. You can read his response here:


franklin said...

well, just delete that message...not sure what I did to mess it up!!!! However I would encourage you to read the President's gracious response.

Ben said...

I think it's a formatting bug in my blog, not your fault. That link is worth reading. Mohler actually posted in his commentary (to which I link) the link to Carter's response.