Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On Bob Bixby and Goldfish-Swallowing

Yesterday’s post brought to mind this salient quote from one of Bob’s sessions last week: “Hyles and Hybels are the same philosophy, but without the ‘b,’ which stands for ‘bull.’ “

I almost agree. The only point on which I differ is that if “b” stands for “bull,” then “Hyles” is missing at least two or three consonants.


Ryan said...

Oh, yes. We fundamentalists love to throw darts at the Evil Dr. Hyles. But I would venture into most of our children's and youth's ministries only to find that the spirit of Hyles (or Hybles or Finney or whomever) is alive and well in fundamentalism.

Bob Bixby said...

I hate to be misquoted, and it's even more embarrassing when the quote is something like the above. I think I said while in a fit of passion, "Hyles and Hybels are the same. The only difference is the letter b which stands for 'bull'"

Thanks, friend, for highlighting one of my loser attempts to be witty.

Ben said...

I think you're right Bob. I imported a little of the context into the quote. I don't think this will keep me from getting a job with CBS though.


I think the context of the darts at Hyles and Hybels was certainly that fundamentalists are equally guilty. I can see how you would have assumed Bob was reticent to critique his own movement though. He's such a mealy-mouthed sycophant.