Tuesday, November 29, 2005

De Facto Feminism in the Family

Russell Moore, professor at Southern Seminary and frequent substitute host of Al Mohler’s daily radio program, delivered a blow to evangelical political correctness at the recent Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting. Jeff Robinson of bpnews.net reports that Moore’s address confronted evangelicals with the fact that their oblivious de facto acceptance of egalitarianism in individual families is contributing to a disintegration of the Church’s understanding of the sovereignty and fatherhood of God. Read the whole article to receive a fuller understanding of his target. This small clipping is a pretty good sample:
Evangelicals maintain headship in the sphere of ideas, but practical decisions are made in most evangelical homes through a process of negotiation, mutual submission, and consensus. That's what our forefathers would have called feminism -- and our foremothers, too.
I think his overall argument is also similar to my contention that evangelical de facto acceptance of divorce is the foundational reason that we are losing the battle on traditional marriage. The fact is that we abdicated the battle when we failed to take divorce and church discipline seriously. Since marriage means very little, homosexual marriage is now only a small step. If the Church were serious about marriage, it might still be a great leap.

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