Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Things I Like About Being Back in Ohio

  1. The State Department of Transportation is educated in the ice-melting properties of NaCl and has snowplows that distribute it.
  2. The absence of wretched humidity makes it possible to see stars.
  3. It is the current location of my nephew and niece.
  4. People speak a pure version of the English language.
  5. It offers the opportunity to watch OSU-Michigan on an ESPN Classic Instant Classic with my whole family. Speaking of which, I must get back to the game.


franklin said...

I hearya Ben...but you don't have one thing...BASKETBALL;) - hope you're having a GREAT thanksgiving!

Ben said...

Fair enough for now, but we'll see about that next year when the greatest recruiting class of all time lands at OSU.

franklin said...

Hey...just watch Illinois get their "revenge" on UNC. Could the Big 10 do it this year?!?! Stranger things have happened.