Friday, November 18, 2005

NASCAR and Crisis Pregnancy

I think NASCAR is unwatchable, but I don't make fun of the people who watch it . . . well, not when they're around. They're bigger than me, and so are their guns.

This article in WORLD Magazine won't make me watch the sport, but it will make me appreciate some of the major players some more. The short version is that Interstate Batteries ("a distinctly Christian firm whose mission statement begins, 'To glorify God' ") has partnered with with Joe Gibbs Racing Team (yes, the Redskins' Joe Gibbs—his kids went to a Christian school with my brother-in-law years ago) to place an advertisement for Care-Net, a network of 900 pregnancy centers that offer "women facing unplanned pregnancies compassionate alternatives to abortion."

To Dennis Brown, a Care-Net board member, the matter is personal:
Mr. Brown's involvement with Care-Net has given him an opportunity to "be more of an adoption advocate," he said, noting that the group's emphasis on life gives more women the opportunity to make the same decision [his daughter] made. "It's not the kind of thing I wore on my sleeve before, but working with Care-Net allows me to talk about compassionate caring for women, and about adoption as a viable choice."


david said...

and you being in racing heartland, ben. i'm disappointed. what about being all things to all men? yoi.

i have no guns (at the moment) and, as is my plight in relation to most of the rest of the world, i'm not bigger than you; however, i'm glad you spared me the mockery.

i got into NASCAR through my in-laws. haven't watched any of the last races (Sundays and end of the semester being 2 good reasons), but i'm unashamed that i do actually like it. now i have one more reason to...

Anonymous said...

Paleo, you are not alone. I cannot watch Nascar either. The reason? Well, I have more than 7 teeth.

Anonymous said...

come on just need to pick a driver, and get into the sport. Once you understand the science of it, and realize there is stuff going on throughout the event, you will like it. Most who are unintelligent about NASCAR assume that nothing is going on until a crash. That is completely the wrong way to watch it. All of the criticism that its the dumb hicks who watch it is unfounded. In fact, I challenge anyone to name a sport with a greater amount of technology, science and innovation that goes into it.

Its the only sport that does not stop until the event is over. You want something boring try suffering through most football games. 45 seconds of nothing, and then hutt-hutt...hand off...tackle. Woohoo, 3 seconds of action, and then 45 more to sit and wait. Not NASCAR. It is constant action. The unexpected can happen at any moment. It is the perfect blend of preparation, skill, luck, and oh my--he almost scraped the way--how did he save it?

Darrell Post