Thursday, September 15, 2005

More Towards a Doctrinal Hierarchy

For the three people on the planet who read this blog but not Phil Johnson's, he has another worthwhile post today on developing a biblically-based hierarchy of biblical doctrine. My opinion is that Phil is dead right that this is an important issue that isn't being talked about much today and, based on his analysis of history, hasn't been talked about much in the past either. The early Fundamentalists certainly prioritized doctrine, but it seems as though they intended mostly to respond to the immediate battles they faced with modernism, rather than to articulate a broad hierarchy of doctrine.

My knee-jerk inclination in the past has been to prioritize biblical truth based on its proximity to the gospel, but that is nothing more than a personal working hypothesis. Perhaps a substantially brighter Paleoevangelical than I should write a biblical theology of doctrinal priority.

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Andrew and Carolyn said...

Make that four people reading your blog!
I'm enjoying what you're writing here.