Friday, September 16, 2005

The Lottery Mindset

A couple weeks ago the North Carolina Senate passed legislation by means of some back room sleight-of-hand and a couple coward absentee Senators. Governor Easley wrecked three race cars in his haste to sign the bill.

Earlier this week the Rocky Mount Telegram published this brilliant comment from an anonymous caller in the "Speak Up" section of its editorial page:
I'm so glad North Carolina is finally getting a lottery. It's about time we don't have to drive all the way to Virginia [50 minutes away] to get a ticket, especially with the way gas prices are going up.

It will save people a lot of money. I think it will be great for our state.


joy mccarnan | said...

ok, based on that ridiculous story about the race car(s), i have to say the governor and the constituent you've quoted deserve one another.

Ben said...

But do I deserve both of them?

[Instruments for your progressive sanctification, Ben. They're instruments for your progressive sanctification.]