Saturday, September 03, 2005


Forget about Army-Navy, Cowboys-Redskins, Yankees-Red Sox, and Auburn-Alabama. Outside of a certain Midwestern college football game that happens every November in Columbus or Ann Arbor, there is no sports rivalry in the Western Hemisphere like USA vs. Mexico. I know Truth and Justice will probably flap his yap about some Seminole-Hurricane garbage, and Paul will dutifully chime in about soccer being sissy, but friends, I'll let them wallow in mire of their own ignorance.

Watch it tonight. 7:30 eastern on ESPN Classic or Telemundo. The World Cup is on the line. Win and we're in.

P.S. Don't post results, please, since I won't get to watch it until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Ben, this is a clear case of Northern-Western-Hemisphere-centrism. While US-Mexico is a good (though young) rivaly, the truly great ones in the Western Hemisphere are down south: Brazil-Argentina, Argentina-Uruguay, and Chile-Peru. See this article for details:

That said, you did correctly identify the sport with the greatest rivalries. Enjoy the show tomorrow!

Ben said...

Must admit you've got me there. I'll recant in shame and limit my pontification to North America.

lilrabbi said...

Your shame should be from knowing anything about and even liking soccer! It is indeed a sissy sport. You should pontificate sometime on the relationship between soccer and communism. This is why soccer will never take off in the US, well, until the Mexican immigrants are the majority in our country.

I still think the Iowa v. Iowa St. game is the best rivalry:)

Ben said...

Soccer and communism. Riiiiiiight. Soccer is huge in China, North Korea, and Cuba. Absolutely huge.


Did you do something weird to the time-space continuum and find a way to post in 1987 to a blog that didn't exist until 2004?

I mean, c'mon. The John Birch society would be embarrassed by such logic.

Neoclassical said...

I agree about South American soccer being truly great. I miss it!

Ben said...

Chile or Argentina? If you are who I think, I forget your preference.

Neoclassical said...

In that option, Argentina, of course! [though I personally prefer Uruguay].

I'm not sure that I am who you think I am.

Ben said...

I thought you were someone I worked with at a camp. Sorry to force that awful choice on you. No love is lost between Uruguayan and Argentinian fans, I'm told.