Monday, September 19, 2005


Bill Boyd, a guest writer, wrote a great editorial for the August 20th issue of World Magazine (which I finally tackled late last week). Boyd draws some comparisons between Lance Armstrong's farewell speech to the Tour and the believer's approach to worship. Here are a couple clips:
This sermon on the podium brings to mind some challenges for Christians, starting with this one: What might it look like for Christians in particular and the church in general to participate in our "religion" the way Mr. Armstrong participates in his? What kind of schedule, training, endurance, thought, and rigor might we assume in our drive to "compete well?"
Mr. Armstrong's speech illustrates the biblical truth that as humans we must worship something, and we must serve that which we worship, "worship" meaning "ascribing worth to," in an ultimate sense. Furthermore, we all know what it is like to worship and serve false gods, and we know the solution: It is only in union with the One who has worshipped and served His Father purely that we gain the security and wisdom to begin identifying and disengaging from the other "gods" in our lives.
The whole editorial is worth a read, that is, if you want your approach to worship to be challenged.

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