Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft Deutschland 2006!

With a 2-0 victory over Mexico, the USA is now one of just nine countries to have secured its place in World Cup 2006. With three games left in qualification, there is a vast difference from 2001 qualification, when the USA went into the final three games on a losing streak and in real danger of failing to qualify. This is really a tremendous feat for American soccer, not only to qualify, but also to continue to replace Mexico as the dominant soccer force in North and Central America. Perhaps the most amazing fact is that the USA was the third country in the world to earn qualification, with Argentina qualifying in June and Ukraine beating out the USA for second by only a few hours.

This is the fifth consecutive World Cup for which the USA has qualified (not counting 1994 since the USA gained automatic entry as the host). Anbody want to take a stab at the eight other countries in the world that have existing streaks of this length or greater? Hint: one of the countries' names ends in "razil," and another ends in "ermany."

True fanatics like me will enjoy the post-match celebration with a victory speech from Bruce Arena.

You can watch another great game tonight at 10:00 on ESPN2 from a hostile venue in Guatemala as the Guatemalans are in the middle of a dogfight for a remaining World Cup spot.


david said...

are they "B"
and "G"?

yep, i'm an avid soccer fan. i hate that i missed the game, actually, but i'm glad you're keeping me up to date.


Ben said...

Correct. Pure brilliance.

2 down, 6 to go.

Coach C said...

This was a great soccer game. A 2-0 win at this level is almost considered a blowout - especially since Mexico is in second place in the group.