Thursday, February 01, 2007

Time Interviews Mohler: A Calvinist Facing Death

Here's a tremendously engaging and timely interview with Al Mohler. It's incredible not only that the interviewer opens the door for Mohler to talk plainly about trust in the sovereignty of God, but that the editors would find this newsworthy. I'd be curious to hear background info on the interviewer if anyone knows of it.


Chris Anderson said...

I think his real name is Norm, and he lives in Texas.

G-Harmony said...

The authors name is listed as David Van Biema. My wife is from Grand Rapids- and that sound very much like a good Dutch Calvinist name, if you ask me.

It was a great article, though, wasn't it? I am grateful that Mohler would say such things, and surprised yet extremely pleased that Time would see fit to publish them.

Glory be to God.

Ben said...


Since you're such a prolific SI commenter, I know you like to talk about such things. We just don't do that here. ;-)


I wondered the same thing but simply preferred to avoid the ethnic profiling.

Chris Anderson said...

Leave it to Ben to take "the high road." DC's getting to you already.

It was indeed a nice article. The Lord's given him quite a platform.

Josh said...

It seems to me that Time has been making an effort recently to include some features that appeal to evangelicals. They did a feature on the prosperity gospel in September, and a story on recent changes in evangelical youth ministry in October. In both instances, and now in the interview with Mohler, the orthodox (paleoevangelical?)types are cast in quite a positive light.

G-Harmony said...


Sorry to bring Dutch "hate speech" over here. Please don't post a "G-Harmony is..." entry. :D

Anyway, here's what I found on Van Biema:

Associate Editor

TIME Magazine

Davis Van Biema was hired as an associate editor at TIME in March 1993. He wrote TIME's coverage of the California fires this past year and wrote an indepth piece on the family of a woman Dr. Jack Kevorkian helped commit suicide. Previously he has occupied writing positions at LIFE, PEOPLE, and the Washington Post Sunday Magazine. He wrote cover stories for each of those three magazines including the October 1991 LIFE issue. He has reported from Washington, D.C. for People and from Bonn with TIME (in 1980 as a stringer).

Van Biema grew up in Tenafly, New Jersey and lives in Manhattan. He has a Masters from Columbia School of Journalism and is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Wesleyan University.

Ben said...

Josh wrote:
"It seems to me that Time has been making an effort recently to include some features that appeal to evangelicals."

Yeah, I've noticed that too. Occasional features that appeal to evangelicals. Kinda like Christianity Today


Is there a strong Reformed community in New Jersey? Or maybe at Wesleyan U.?

Ryan DeBarr said...

I personally know two PCC graduates who work in secular media. One works for Faux News and the other for Sheeple.

Evangelicals... they're every where.

Bruce said...

"Is there a strong Reformed community in New Jersey?"

Do Warfield, a couple of Hodges, and Machen ring a bell?

Okay, so Princeton ain't what it used to be, but P&R Publishing is still based in Jersey.

Ben said...


Are you really the director of the PCC alumni association posing as an SBTS student?


My bad, I meant Dutch Reformed.

Chris Anderson said...

Ben, I'm still trying to get my head around "a strong Reformed Wesleyan U."

This is from The Wesleyan Church website under "Personal Choice":

"224. We believe that humanity’s creation in the image of God included ability to choose between right and wrong. Thus individuals were made morally responsible for their choices. But since the fall of Adam, people are unable in their own strength to do the right. This is due to original sin, which is not simply the following of Adam’s example, but rather the corruption of the nature of each mortal, and is reproduced naturally in Adam’s descendants. Because of it, humans are very far gone from original righteousness, and by nature are continually inclined to evil. They cannot of themselves even call upon God or exercise faith for salvation. But through Jesus Christ the prevenient grace of God makes possible what humans in self effort cannot do. It is bestowed freely upon all, enabling all who will to turn and be saved."

Chris Anderson said...

Sorry. Here's the correct link.

Ryan DeBarr said...


I've been kicked out of the PCC alumni assocation. No joke.

I'll point out that New York City was originally known as New Amesterdam, and that Staaten Island and Brooklyn are Dutch names. And that Rip van Winkle lived in that northern New Jersey / southern New York area.

And then there's the Stamm family, best known for the martyrs Carl & Betty. They were from Patterson, NJ, I think.

And yeah, Princeton, but they ain't Dutch.

Kris Coffee said...

Hey, Ben. Hope you're enjoying D.C. We never did get together before you took off. Anyway I "tagged" you on my blog. Now you MUST post 5 little known facts about yourself.