Thursday, February 08, 2007

What Is "Reducing Lostness"?

Read about it here. Surely this is not some therapeutic new way to talk about evangelism without using those nasty terms that actually imply that there's a coherent message that comprises the gospel. That's completely implausible, right?


Josh said...

I love how they define success in "reducing lostness" in terms of how many baptisms they can rack up.

Bruce McKanna said...

I think it's possible to talk about wanting to see more baptisms in the same way others might speak of wanting to see more professions of faith. Neither the act of baptism or that of profession saves, but they are both ways of speaking of conversions, and I think they are both biblical.

I do, however, agree that the way they speak of "reducing lostness" in its vagueness and "increase in baptisms" in its statistical sterility both depersonalize the fact that we are talking about evangelizing lost people and seeing persons come to saving faith in Christ.

Josh said...

Maybe a more positive term would be increasing foundness.