Friday, June 16, 2006

This Year's SBC Annual Meeting: The Short Story (Updated)

This video interview with Don Hinkle of a Missouri Baptist newspaper is a fascinating perspective from a frank SBC insider on why this year's SBC annual meeting was different from any other. He specifically addresses the rising anti-establishment sentiment and the influence of bloggers in an annual meeting that elected a non-establishment president and that dealt (or deliberately chose not to deal) with some real theological issues. Tom Ascol's post today also provides a summary of most of the highlights.

[Update: Interesting Washington Post op-ed here, and comments from the losing presidential candidate endorsed by many convention leaders here.]


Paul said...

A friend who was at the convention shared with me the following rather interesting observation:

"There was one particularly ironic moment. We passed one motion stating that we encourage the SBC only to have those on its committees who don't use alcohol.

We then failed to pass another motion encouraging churches to remove non-attenders from their membership roles.

So in two consecutive votes we excluded Jesus from being able to serve on our committees, and then included a whole bunch of pagans into our churches..."

Hmmm. I hold my tongue.

Ben said...

Yes, that may well have been the low point of the SBC since the conservative resurgence. I posted on that strange irony here.