Thursday, June 15, 2006

Rick Warren to Help "Revitalize Synagogue Life"?

Thabiti Anyabwile of Capitol Hill Baptist Church discusses Rick Warren's appearance tomorrow night in a Los Angeles synagogue. Warren's appearance is part of the efforts of a group that "empowers congregations to create sacred communities that are compelling moral and spiritual centers of Jewish life." Anyabwile's questions:
I wonder if Warren's talk in the synagogue will earn him the same treatment Jesus received for his talks in synagogues? Or will only produce some good ol' purpose-driven schmoozing?


Anonymous said...

That's an SNL take-off if I ever heard one.

Derek Makri said...

This synagogue must not be an orthodox one, but is probably a secularized reformed one. Hacidic Jews would have nothing to do with Rick Warren.

Let us know what happens...whether or not Warren presents Jesus as the Messiah they are looking for.

Anonymous said...

Your comments across your blahgs are arrogant and harmful to the Gospel of Jesus. You help spread rumors and division in the body of Christ. I don't understand why you guys (who claim to believe in God's sovereignty) disobey His word concerning lies, division and judging one another. This blahg stuff makes me sick. Jesus is neither honored or held up. Why do you not return to Scripture? Why do you not return to the Savior?