Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yay! Another Win in the Culture Wars!!!!!

"The Book of Daniel" is dead. Evangelicals win again, dawg. How you like that, Hollywood?


Bulletin: Evangelicals may now stop sending boycott e-mails and return instead to their regularly scheduled five hours per evening of TV that embraces every other sin besides homosexuality.

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Chris Anderson said...

BAM! Let's hope that Hollywood gets the message that we'll only pay for the normal and healthy fornication celebrated in Desperate Housewives & company. In the meantime, our redemption of culture is almost complete, and the Kingdom can come any time now. What a day!

Seriously, I'm glad it's off, especially in light of its mockery of Christ. You're right, however, that it highlights our tolerance of garbage that we feel more...um..."at home" with.