Friday, January 20, 2006

Amen 2

Kevin Bauder on "getting over it":
I’ve learned one lesson from the whole conversation about “getting over it.” There appears to be nothing that fundamentalists (young and old, Left and Right, present and former) love to talk about so much as themselves. Moreover, a sizable minority (young and old, Left and Right, present and former) has a kind of prurient fascination with the ugly side of fundamentalism. I am all for being frank about our faults, but much of that fascination fails to rise above the level of infantile self-absorption. This is where we really do need to get over it.

May I be pardoned if I admit that I get bored with this kind of thing? Beyond a certain point, introspection is not only morbid, it is monotonous. No wonder people find fundamentalists to be tedious—living in a world filled with wonders, surrounded by the marvels of civilization and culture, overshadowed by the mighty God, and showered with the unsearchable riches, the thing that we most delight in discussing is ourselves! Yes, getting over it would be a very good thing to do.

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