Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Proposal Withdrawn: More from Bethlehem on Baptism

The statement from the Bethlehem web site. HT: AC (with a helpful summary/chronology) via a comment from JC at KB.


Irenaeus II said...

Hip hip hooray!

Hip hip hooray!

I guess those who deny the truthfulness of elder rule will have to do away with at least one of their objections. Usually, the naysayers tell us that no one would dare disagree with John Piper or John MacArthur. Oops, I suppose they actually are consistent.

Kudos to those who did not cave.

Kevin T. Bauder said...


I don't get it. Bethlehem Baptist is a congregationally governed church. How does this demonstrate anything either pro or con regarding elder rule?

Ben said...

I would appreciate some clarification as well, T&J. You know me to be an advocate of multiple elder leadership but a critic of elder rule in any number. Regardless, BBC is constitutionally congregational. The fact that it is led by a large number of elders does not mean that it is elder rule.

In fact, I believe I wrote several months ago that the congregational rule BBC operates under is a prime reason why the move towards unbaptized members is a really bad idea—even worse than it would be in an elder rule church.

Irenaeus II said...

Having reread the affirmation of faith of BBC, I assumed they were elder rule. I had also been told that before.

It does say in the affirmation that the church is to recognize spiritual men to be in leadership.

I took that to mean elder leadership. Well, I am ashamed that I was in error and disappointed that they are not elder-rule.

I wasn't aware sheep had authority over shepherds.