Monday, January 30, 2006

"The Christianoid Trump-Card"

Re: Our recent debate on senses, impressions, and the mystical view of God's will: [Dan Phillips—correction] articulates my thoughts exactly.


Chris Anderson said...

Saint's on a roll:

First he tells us what God did tell a dream.

Then he tells us what God has not told him: "But I realized it wasn't for me to condone or to condemn what Chad does or doesn't do. That is God's prerogative."

So he feels free to speak for God concerning a dubious casting decision, yet considers it too speculative to speak for God concerning homosexuality? Go figure.

The kicker is that this kind of reasoning is not all that uncommon.

(Thought: Wouldn't it be great if God had just given us...oh, I don't know...maybe a book to tell us what He thinks?! That would have made things so simple. Sounds crazy, I know.)

g-harmony said...


Correction: Dan Phillips wrote the article...

Hey, at least you didn't credit Pecadillo!

Ben said...

Thanks for the catch, Greg. E-mail me your mailing address if you want a TNIV.


Nice call on the hypocrisy. I wonder what he would say if you and I told him that God told us that he needs to donate his cut of the profits to us.

fr'nklin said...

Hey, speaking of "hearing God", etc. has anyone read Dallas Willards book, "Hearing God"?

Dave said...

Yes, I read years ago. If you want a thoughtful position on receiving on-going guidance and communication from God, it is a stimulating read. If you are uncomfortable with that view, it will provide loads of discomfort and illustrative material.

I don't agree with it, but he is an interesting writer. By the way, he is a TTU grad.