Monday, July 11, 2005

You Might Be a Paleoevangelical If . . . (#4)

. . . you haven't received one of these cool visions yet.

Keep your eyes peeled next time you're on I-68 near Frostburg, MD. Have a camera handy.


david said...

i grew up just a little north of there on the PA side. they've been working on that thing for a long time. i think they're trying to reproduce Noah's timetable as well as his boat.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Ark was made from Gopherwood and pitch?

BTW, this concept of a church that looks like Noah's Ark has been done before. My home church in Columbus, Ohio was built to represent Noah's Ark. The old, 1950's blueprint is in our tape library room, and it looks like the Ark. After some reconsideration, the architect had to change a few things to make the structure fit on the property. Alas, the brick used looks an awful lot like the brick buildings at a major Christian University in Greenville, SC! Every time someone comes in to our church from this university, they comment on the building style, and the similarity between the buildings at their school, and our church.

Doug (I don't have an account, so instead of being anonymous, I will place my name in my comment)

Ben said...

The steel girders were in the vision.

And that's the key. I'll bet your pastor didn't get the cool vision.

You get that many visitors from North Greenville College? Or were you talking about Furman? ;-)