Friday, July 15, 2005

Funny Theologians

From watching the sometimes hilarious video promo interviews, one gets the idea that this Together for the Gospel conference is going to be a great time. Funny and fellowshippy, but deadly serious as well.
"Too often too many pastors' conferences are characterized by the absence of theology, if not the deliberate avoidance of doctrinal distinctives and sound doctrine, and I think a neat characteristic of our conference is going to be the unashamed, humble accent upon doctrinal distinctives, beginning with the gospel, reformed soteriology, sound doctrine."—C.J. Mahaney
They mention people coming incognito. For those concerned about privacy, if I'm there and you're there, I promise not to blog your names without your consent.

HT: Justin Taylor


jon said...

Already made my reservation, Ben! I know of at least two other guys going from my neck of the woods and I hope a couple of my "lay" elders can free up their schedules as well. We'll be dressed as buckeyes...just a bunch of nuts.

Ben said...

Excellent. Assuming I make it, I'll wear my National Championship hat and my Greg Oden jersey so you'll recognize me. My parents were in C-bus last weekend and were planning to visit NLBC Sunday, but couldn't quite make the schedule work.

I heard in May that they already had 600 registrations and the cap is 2,800.

Ben said...

Oops. NHBC.

jon said...

I'm sure we'll connect. Too bad about your parents...hopefully, they'll catch us next time.