Thursday, April 03, 2008

Graven Images

I thought I'd posted this a couple weeks ago, but apparently hit a wrong button or two in the midst of all the fun. So here it is, finally.

On Friday I saw this post by Greg Linscott.

Saturday morning I sat in on a Bible study led by a friend at this place. Afterward, he gave me a tour where I saw the paintings and sculptures in the photos, along with many, many more.

When I returned home, I read an e-mail that told me about this. (Extraordinarily attractive website, by the way.)

Food for thought.

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Kent Brandenburg said...


You seem like you're trying to get into some hot water, but, I know, you're just encouraging dialogue. The historical position is that images of Christ break the second commandment. I agree. For that reason, we do not ourselves use visuals of Christ in teaching young people in our church. There was a big discussion, as you probably know, because you are an M.Div., a big deal in the iconoclastic controversy. Scott Aniol mentions this in one of his latest posts related to the regulative principle of worship.