Saturday, April 26, 2008

For All the Sailhamer Junkies out There

John Piper gave Dr. Sailhamer a nice little shout-out in his talk at T4G.

Two of Mark Driscoll's recent sermons, one on the Trinity, and another on Creation, both channel a good bit of Sailhamer, whether it's from Genesis Unbound, Pentateuch as Narrative, or his Genesis volume from the Expositor's Bible Commentary series. But on the other hand, I thought his Genesis series from a few years ago (follow this link and then click on "books of the Bible") was much more steeped in Genesis Unbound than these recent sermons.

And now, after writing most of the previous paragraph, I finished listening to Driscoll's QnA after the sermon on Creation. In it he described taking a class on the Pentateuch from Sailhamer somewhere in Portland and recommended the Genesis commentary and Genesis Unbound to his congregation. (I can't find a link to the QnA online, but you could get it from the podcast, I expect.)

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tenjuices said...

I swear I just heard Sailhamer groan all the way from LA. He is gonna flip.


Ben said...

Because he's linked to Driscoll???

Anonymous said...


I think you are right if I am understanding you.

There is a reason that 'Genesis Unbound' is out of print. The author doesn't want it reprinted.

I don't know why. I actually think he makes a good case.


tenjuices said...

Hey Ben,
Did not have time to write you earlier. What is your email addy?
All joking aside, I just know he did not like blogging so much b/c he never got to defend himself and other reasons. I did not know that Sailhamer did not want GenUnbound reprinted. but I think this is maybe the type of conversation he did not appreciate b/c we are speaking for him without talking to him. I am sure he is OK with preachers (driscoll) using his works in the pulpit.

Ben said...


What do you mean "we"? I would NEVER attempt to speak for him. Especially not on a blog. ;-)