Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Fundamentals for the 21st Century

I'm not one of the true scholars who manage to keep up with actually reading all the new book releases on contemporary theological issues. But lately they've either been proliferating in unusual quantities, or for some reason I've simply been more tuned in.

John Piper's new book (here's a summary) is the latest installment in the responses to contemporary theological issues that strike me in some ways as being similar to The Fundamentals series from the early 20th century. Just as those authors saw the immediate threats to orthodox faith in the form of modernism, so many contemporary authors—few if any more attuned, astute, and prolific than Piper—perceive and piercingly refute today's departures from historic biblical orthodoxy with the force of the full weight of Scripture. As I remember, attacks on the doctrine of justification were nowhere on the radar screen 100 years ago, so the need for this volume surely tells us a bit about the direction of broad evangelicalism.

And again not unlike The Fundamentals which were distributed to thousands of pastors for free, you can get Piper's book for free here as a PDF.

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